WikiToLearn migration, why?

Well, currently WikiToLearn runs on MediaWiki, which is a good model for dealing with an encyclopedia but, when you are trying to build a more structured content, it doesn’t fit. For the release 1.0 we have developed CourseEditor,… Read More

MongoDB for WikiToLearn migration

Hi! Today i want to talk about my experience with the WikiToLearn migration. The problem of every migration is getting your hands on the data in a way such that you can work on it. Starting from the… Read More

Dumbing down every IT solution is dumb

We are seeing an everyday increasing process to make everything easy in the IT world. Every “make your own website”, every “make high performance application with only a yaml” smells bad to me. When you are making an… Read More

PKI is needed for micro-services

Hello! Today I want to explain why I think that for a proper micro-service software a PKI is needed. First the problem: when you have a network application you need a way to authenticate one service to another… Read More

The magic of ~/.ssh/config

Hi, today I want to talk about the ~/.ssh/config file. First thing about this magic file: if you are using ssh you must have this file, this is a fact. For example, i use git with ssh, because… Read More

Micro-services are only half the picture

Hello, today I want to expose my my thoughts about the general hype for micro-services. The first objection that one can move against this approach is that it does not really solve the problem of having the maintainable… Read More

SSH and complex configs

Hi! Today I want to talk about the .ssh/config file, for who don’t knows about it is the configuration file for SSH to customize options to connect with SSH. The issue with this file is: it don’t supports… Read More

Ansible automation tool

Hi! This days I’m working to improve my skils about prepare, test and deploy complex IT systems like mail servers or database cluster. To acomplish this I started using ansible to speed up the operation. With ansible is… Read More

I’m in the GARR Workshop 2016

Hi everyone! Today I’m at the GARR Workshop 2016, happening within the CNR headquarters in Rome, and I just presented to the audience how in WikiToLearn we work to develop our project in all tech stuff. I was… Read More

“I would like to change the way”

Hi, today (2 days after the end of the Sprint) I’d like to talk about what happended last week at CERN. The goal of the Sprint was the operation1000, this means that we had to re-think about our… Read More