Hug the LHC

Hi, today at CERN we went to the CMS to understand how the big scientists have found the Higgs boson and to see the greatest machines operating in that location. We visited the CMS experiment and it was… Read More

First day @CERN

Hi, today is my first day at CERN. After six hours of travel we finally arrived at CERN. The journey was crazy, crossing France and Switzerland, passing through the Mont Blanc and Geneve. The CERN access is like… Read More

The decalogue of the sysadmin

Hi everyone, today i want to talk about the WikiToLearn’s relase strategy. The┬ábasic idea: data is the most important thing, after data there is data access (read and write). One thing to know about wiki’s structure: it is… Read More

Ciao, I’m a sysadmin

Hello everyone, I’m Luca Toma, I was stutent at the ITIS E. Mattei in Sondrio and now I’m student of physics at the University of Milano-Bicocca and today I want to talk about my contribution in WikiToLearn. Let’s… Read More