Ciao, I’m a sysadmin

Hello everyone, I’m Luca Toma, I was stutent at the ITIS E. Mattei in Sondrio and now I’m student of physics at the University of Milano-Bicocca and today I want to talk about my contribution in WikiToLearn.

Let’s start with a bit of history: six months ago Riccardo (aka ruphy) told me about a project he was developing: WikiToLearn.

The first thing I wanted to do is be able to realize a reproducible development environment and so I started writing scripts that gave a clean system they were able to create a system ready for use for the wiki. Fortunately a Rafael (another KDE developer) suggested me to try a beautiful tool: Docker.

At this point my work has changed: I switched from working with virtual machines and containers lxc to docker (initially inside some virtual machines) and after a few days of total despair something working and after a few weeks I was able to run the WikiToLearn environment in the containers.

Meanwhile, the team began to grow and, with a little of hard work, everyone was be able to run the environment on their PCs during the first sprint or in the following days.

My task in this project is to provide to developers the tools needed to quietly write, test and release their code in a safe environment, preventing possible dataloss.

WikiToLearn has new challenges: figure out how to run the site for a growing number of users with an increasing number of functions and developers.

These new challenges require new solutions and I hope to find them and put them in place during “KDE @ CERN” sprint which will be held February 7 to 13.

These days I am studying about tools like openstack, puppet, swarmkubernetes, ecc. and all this to deal with these new challenges.

For now is all, at the next time!