Hack your life!


Today i want to encorage you to hack your life.
I’m not taliking about things like “open the wine with a CD”, I’m taliking about real hacks.

Hack something is about view this thing in a new way, in the way is never supposed to be viewed.

When you think to an hacker the first picture is somebody with a computer (or a smartphone) and most of the time is quite correct.

But just think what this person is doing: mainly he is tring to use a software in a strage way to get something new and I think evryone must do this with their life.
I’m tring to do so, tring to change my bad behaviour with something usefull to me.

This hacking is not easy, the real world is not like a software (for this at least), you can’t reset to a checkpoint, so hacking your life is quite dangerous.
But, sometime you have to try.

When you hack the real word you could find something funny, for example a “bug” in the common sense and this “bug” can be used to get to your goal.

Like in all scientific researches this hasn’t a clear usefull return on investment and this is the point.

The only way to find out what you will find is find it.

So…hack your life!