“I would like to change the way”

Hi, today (2 days after the end of the Sprint) I’d like to talk about what happended last week at CERN.

The goal of the Sprint was the operation1000, this means that we had to re-think about our job, our way to manage content and the development process for the tech stuff.

Operation1000 is about creating an infrastructure (technological and cultural) that allows us to have 1000 people in the core of our project, I’m working on the technical site of the operation.

Seven days of work don’t seem to be a huge amount of time but it turned out it can be enough to change and be the key for the future.

My job in the Sprint was trying to support other developers. As sysadmin I had to work out how to get everything up and running for every developer in the easiest way.

Me, Dario, Davide and Christian have worked on the scripts that in the next future will manage all the WikiToLearn stuff, such as the rollout scheme, setup the development env, staging process, etc.

Because I was the only sysadmin inside the project I had to tell to my novices about my job because before now I’d never written documentation about what I was doing.
Don’t worry, luckily this is now going to change.

I hope that all this will help WikiToLearn to be ready for the operation1000.

I’d like to thank KDE e.V. for making this Sprint possible.

See you soon!