“Once you stop learning you start dying”


The quote “once you stop learning you start dying” is from Albert Einstein and I’d love to explain why he was right.

In the first place, Since I was 10 years old I started my journey in to the IT world as I was learning new things, I discovered new possibilities to continue to learn. Today, after 10 years, the situation has not changed in any way .

The big problem about keep learning is about finding a mentor to help you with what you want to learn or a reliable source of content.

Talking about the distributed architecture of the network, it is not very hard to find good materials with some kind of peer reviews for a lot of subjects.

However, there is an hidden truth about the net: somewhere in the world we need a server in a datacenter.

This is why in WikiToLearn we are trying to involve many people such as students, teachers and researchers.

I believe that this is the reason why we can offer something useful, it is a merge of two worlds and this can be extremely powerful to spread the knowledge in its highest forms.

I hope to keep learning forever, because I know that out there, there are stuff that i cannot even image today and, sadly, maybe neither tomorrow.