WikiToLearn 0.7 relased!

Hi! Yesterday was a good day, in some ways.

WikiToLearn 0.7 was relased with the new WikiToLearnHome env.

The process was not easy as i hoped but at the end of the day we got the new system up and running.

WikiToLearn Home was not ready as i expected but with some patches we finally got evrything work, i think we had some issues due to the console locales.

Now we are online in the GARR  network and this can help us to keep wiki at the highest level, such as the ability to push backup in the internal backbone around the country with the limit of the disk speed.

Funny part was the “apt-get” process, using the GARR mirror for debian pakages the download was like a LAN transfer with the high performance network mentioned before.

The new system is hosted in Bari, near the mirror (i think the actual machine for the mirror is the one over our system), this means that we can download like every single software for ubunu, debian, centos, etc. without leaving the building.

Therefore, with this kind of resources we can think about new ways to improve the user experience and functions offered.

By the way, in this new relase we have some big news also inside the code (this is where you can find all about).

Today was a day to try to prevent a massive spam attack.

Now i have to go to sleep, tomorrow is another day.